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Founder's Day 2013
The 93rd Founder's day at Modern school was just as spectacular as the earlier ones. Dance, Music, Light, Art and beautiful exhibitions make the school a perfect place for holistic development of a child. Modern school is proud to have a legacy of 93 years.

It was the 9th of November and the school was in a buzz. The children and teachers were completely occupied. It was the big day. As soon as the chief guest entered the school premises the school's band and guards were on their positions to pay a salute to the chief guest, Mr. JitinPrasada, Minister of state for HRD.

The show started at 4.30 pm. The chief guest lighted the lamp the show begun with the shanti mantra, sung the school choir, Saptak and supported greatly by the orchestra of the school. It was followed by the geomatrix, the western fusion. Then there was the dance. 4 different dance forms, 4 girls were performing on one stage together. It was a really beautifully choreographed performance which was loved and appreciated by all. After the mesmerizing performance there was the Bageshwari. This classical piece of Indian music was performed by the School choir again. Its intrecacy and simplicity was just incredible.

After that, the principle, Mrs. LataVaidyanathan and the chief guest, Mr. JitinPrasada were requested to come on the stage and were told to give away the prizes and excellence awards to the deserving students of the school. More than 50 children received awards and made their parents proud. After that was the classical performance of DhruvPargai. He sung a classical piece of Indian ethnic music.

Next on list was the Indian ballet. The ballet was based on a character chosen from the Mahabharata, Bhishm. It mainly revolved around the early life of Bhishm and his Bhishmpratigya. It potrayed his life and how he maintained his father's dignity by giving up his kingdom for his step-mother's happiness. The ballet also showed a little glimpse of Draupadi's life and how her dignity was tried to be taken away from her. The ballet was done with full energy and zeal by the children. The sounds, the narration and lights were also worth a watch.

The founder's day exhibition has always been a special one. It has always included many great pieces of art prepared and worked on by students. Paper technology department, fashion technology department, electronics department, sculpture department, painting department and ceramics department put up the best possible designs for display. The art was stunning and really magnificent to look at.

Modern School Fashion Show Bon Vivant
Modern school has always stayed ahead in extracurricular. The school has the finest fashion club amongst schools in the city of Delhi.

On 31st of August, the fashion club of the school, J'Adore presented a Fashion Show, BON VIVANT meaning 'Good Living'. The show got praises from everyone including Rohit Bal, who was invited as the chief guest.

The fashion show had numerous themes. Bling theme, crown on the ground, Metallic theme, Western theme, ethnic fusion, yin and yang, psychedelic, and feel neon, created chic clothes got everyone's attention.

It was choreographed by jaspreet walia commonly known as Jazz and Reba Browne. The models were school students. The auditions started from class 9th and went up till class 12th. There were proper auditions.

''It was an overwhelming experience for every participant'' said Anna Thadanii, a student participating in the show.

The teacher in charge for the show and head of the j'adore, Hema Bajaj, was really proud of her students for putting up the show in just 1 month.

The costumes of the models were decided precisely. Makeup was done accordingly.

The Yin and Yang theme had black Smokey makeup which burnt up the hall in glamour.

The Indian theme was overly beautiful. The lehngas of the models flowed with their beauty.

Almost all the models wore 6'' inched heels which made them look even more appeasing.

The boys of the school had also taken part. '' it was an amazing experience'' said Kunal Gupta, a model who was taking part in the show.

The show proved to be better than the first edition of fashion shows by modern school, La Dolce Vita, done in 2011.

"the third edition will be even better" said a student promoting the show.

There were a large number of people who came to watch.

Modern School has always lived up to its expectations and plans to live up to them in the future also. It is an institution where a child gets the knowledge of the whole world in bits and learns to design his/her dreams accordingly. Modern school has done it...


Ninth Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition
(February 21, 2013 to February 24, 2013)

The sky is no longer the limit…..
-- Richard M.

Our school has been participating in the Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition for the last three years. Every year twelve students from our school are selected to witness and participate in this esteemed competition held at ORC Manesar. This program was not only truly technical but also helped us to improve our interacting skills, teamwork, and also stirred a spirit of leadership in everyone.

When we cleared the quarter-final round, our excitement had no bounds and the two months between the quarter-final results and the semi-finals (held at Manesar) went into full time research.

At the competition, our school was teamed up with three other schools – Bishop Cotton Boys School (Bangalore), Shrewsbury International School (Bangkok) and Beacon House School (Pakistan). Our so formed team consisted of forty members, making it really hard to communicate and work on a single fifty page project. The most unorthodox experience was to stay awake for thirty six hours straight, not having the energy even to talk, but still trying to complete the project.

The workshops by various scientists and engineers from NASA were truly overwhelming. I can remember the one by Heather Paul (Engineer and member of mission support team for NEEMO 14 at NASA); she talked about various space suit and ECLSS (environmental control and life support system) technologies used by NASA for space travel.

This one week at ORC Manesar gave us an experience impossible to forget yet difficult to imagine.

It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and reality of tomorrow…..
--Robert Goddard

By Kunwar Agrawal


Cancer Awaness
The spread of cancer is highly alarming with 12.6 million new cases being diagnosed every year and 7.6 million dying of it yearly. Considering the current scenario, there is likely to be a 100% increase in the rate.

The S6, S5 and junior students of the Interact Club of our school have been tirelessly working with their heart dedicated to this noble spirit of community service. We are proud to announce that they have managed to raise a sum of Rupees Seventy Thousand, which has been contributed to the NGO Can Support, in its fight against cancer. On the 4th of February 2013, students will join a ‘Walk for Life’ organized by the NGO.

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