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4th International Students Conference at St. George's Girls School, Pinang, Malaysia

"The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity"

We climbed our ladders by attending the 4th International Students' Conference (SISC) from May 25-29, 2013 at Penang, Malaysia and there is no way we are looking back.

Malaysians tag their country as 'truly Asia' but we think that Asia is 'truly Malaysia'. Having visited only two states of this country, we know we still cannot forget it. The first day was all about cameras and the beautiful tourist sites of Kuala Lumpur. We had just fallen in love with the lush green flora of this capital city.. In Kuala Lumpur we visited the 'Istana Negara' i.e King Sultan's palace, the Malaysian gallery and library, an umbrella roofed mosque, the twin towers and much more.

After a wonderful day at Kuala Lumpur, we reached Penang. Students of St. George's Girls' School were present at the airport to welcome us. From there we went to Seameo Recsam, a huge guest house built for educational purposes. With the rest 211 students from a total of 11 countries, the following four days went off in a blink of an eye. There was immense portrayal of talent, capabilities and knowledge on the topic of the conference "Ethics and Morals, What Choice?".We all had a tremendous learning experience in the entire conference. There were plenary sessions where we had high profile lawyers, ministers, doctors, engineers and other learned persons who came to talk to us on the conference's topic. We also had astounding workshops which were student discussions. City tour of the Penang city left us mesmerized with its beauty. The conference was made all the more indulging with competitions like 'poster making' and the 'ethics case competition'. What really impressed us was also the unique style of Malaysian music which was staged for us on our second last night. Cultural dinner was the most memorable with everyone clad in their traditional clothes performing in their own beautiful way. Sale of souvenirs was also really unforgettable.

And finally after several photographs, autographs, chats, speeches and tears, our summit came to an end and we can never forget it. Thanks to facebook, instagram, whatsapp, skype and many other means to connect, we all are in touch and life's good.


Country: Malaysia
Partner school: St. George's Girls School
Students: Apartim Chandra Singh, Maanya Kalra, Naman Dhanuka and Phalak Rajnish
Escort teacher: Mrs. Divya Sahdev

The Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University, China

On 21st July, the team arrived at the Beijing Airport, only to be greeted by the relentless rain, which kept pouring for hours on end. It was a long bus-journey later, over the course of which the team bonded with their guide, Wanda.

The second day saw the opening ceremony at Tsinghua University, with a video presentation showcasing the various schools from the 29 countries.

The students were exposed to various forms of Chinese art, including paper-ripping, silk-painting, mask-painting, kite-making and calligraphy.
The students visited the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall, with models of Beijing spanning entire rooms that left everyone in awe. That evening, they also attended a Kung Fu show, which too, did not cease to amaze and inspire.

The Great Wall, “Ni Er” Chinese sports with the dragon and kung fu and a sport similar to badminton were among the few activities that the team was exposed to.

All in all the exchange proved to be a big success!


Country: China
Partner school: The Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University.
Students: Avarna Jain, AseesBhasin, Paridhi Jain, ShreedaAggarwal, AditiMehra, Lavanya Grover, Sukhmeet Singh, Tanya Sahni, YashnaKaul, Nikita Nagpal, Rhea Grover, AarohiSood, AneeshRai, KushalDalal, AkashPattanayak, VishrutMalhotra, PranavSood, KushagraChugh, Pranav Bajaj, Anubhav Bora.
Escort teacher: Mrs. SonalBedi, Mr. L. D. Pant

New Oriental School of Foreign Languages, Beijing

The purpose of the visit was cultural and educational exchange. In the seven day exchange program the students visited the school, attended morning classes with grade 10 students, shared food with the Chinese students, learnt Taiji and traditional Chinese painting. They also attended Guzheg and clay modelling classes. A part of the exchange program involved the children going for a home stay with the Chinese students. This helped them understand the culture of China better. The children also found some time to shop on Dounguan Street and in Shanghai.

The exchange was very purposeful and a good learning experience for the students. They experienced the vast culturaldifference across borders, hence moving a step closer towards globalisation.


Country: China
Partner school: New Oriental School of Foreign Languagese
Students: Rohan, Nikita, Arushi, Shiv, Ridhima, Tanuj and Vedant
Escort teacher: Mrs. Meghna Kapoor

Republic of South Africa

The Modern School delegates reached the Durban Airport where they were introduced to each of their host families who were anxiously waiting for them to arrive. As the Indian delegation along with the South African hosts set their way for home, they marked the beginning of a nine day long journey.

Durban’s skyscrapers were very impressing. The cathedrals were so beautiful, serene, peaceful and quiet that even the faintest of the sounds was very clearly audible.It was a lifetime experience and the students had certainly stored some fond memories of the trip in the hard disk of their brains.

Country: South Africa
Partner school: Clifton College
Students: Aryan Gupta, Rahul Utreja, Moji Basar, SarthakGarg, ShreetAggarwal and YashovardhanBhageria
Escort teacher: Mr.Rajesh Kumar

Kuala Kangsar, Malaysia

In order to create a peaceful and just world it is important that the young generation can explore the meaning of peace and conflict .The spirit of unity and integrity have to be inculcated in our educational system so that the youth becomes compassionate and sensitive and help in building a nation. This is best achieved when students meet, contribute and discuss world peace initiatives as well as the successful ventures accomplished in their schools.

A notable feature of the visit was the twenty five students committee and the teachers of MCKK who worked tirelessly behind the scene, organising the the entire event meticulously and in making the stay and visit of the delegates comfortable and an experience to remember. The Modernites inter-acted with the delegates, learnt about their culture, countries and schools and in the process, made a number of friends.

The summit taught the young generation, the spirit of peace consciousness and helped develop the ability to resolve conflict congenially.

Country: Malaysia
Partner school: Malay College
Students: SaieeshaAdlakha, NainikaMalhotra and SohamAggarwal
Escort teacher: Mrs. SeemaPuri


On 20th June 2012, an eight student team accompanied by Mr. GautumSarkar took off for a trip to Germany. The ten days spent at Germany were undoubtedly fun-filled and mesmerizing. The students not only got exposed to various adventure activities such as hiking, para-gliding and rafting but also got a chance to learn about German food, culture and traditions. The students performed on various prestigious occasions and were delighted and honoured to meet the Mayor of Gießen.

The icing on the cake was the Public Viewing of the Euro 2012 that was being held at Ukraine. The students and Mr. Sarkar joined hands with the German students to cheer for Germany as the spirit of togetherness hailed!

The students also visited Berlin and Heidelberg to further encounter the true beauty of the german land.

The trip was truly a great experience.



Country: Germany
Partner school: LiebigschuleGießen
Students: Poorva Joshi, DhruvPargai, Aishwarya Raman, PranayLekhi, HassaanEjaz, IshitaGupta,Vyush Gupta, LaavanyeBahl
Escort teacher: Mr. GautumSarkar

Philippine Science High School

On 22nd June, 2011, twelve excited students, Aishwarya Sehgal, Fiza Jha, Manan Kohli, Jaiveer Bakshi, Raghav Meghraj Parwani, Saamir Askari, Sanah Jain, Shreya Aggarwal, Smriti Bansal, Tanisha Soni, Vrinda Aggarwal and Yashasvi Lohia, along with their teacher Mrs. Malini Khatri, took off for a trip to the Philippines. They stayed at PISAY resort and attended their classes regularly. The cultural day was a big hit and was a reminder of the times spent by the Filipinos and the Modernites back in India


Country: Philippines
Partner school: Philippine Science High School
Address: Agam Road, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Students: Aishwarya Sehgal, Fiza Jha, Manan Kohli, Jaiveer Bakshi, Raghav Meghraj Parwani, Saamir Askari, Sanah Jain, Shreya Aggarwal, Smriti Bansal, Tanisha Soni, Vrinda Aggarwal and Yashasvi Lohia
Escort teacher: Mrs. Malini Khatri

SMA Negeri 4 Denpasar School, Bali, Indonesia

In June of 2011, eight students, Ashna Marwah, Kavya Gupta, Monika Malhotra, Pranav Singh Aggarwal, Raghavi Aggarwal, Saaed Abhdullah, Vansha Sethi and Veeral Dewan, accompanied by their teacher Mrs. Pooja Kapoor, visited SMA Negeri 4 Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. They spent their days visiting museums, beaches, temples, participating in the school activities and soaking up some sun and the Bali culture.


Country: Indonesia
Partner school: SMA Negeri 4 Denpasar School
Address: Jalan G. Rinjani Perumnas, Monang-Maning, Denpasar, Bali
Students: Ashna Marwah, Kavya Gupta, Monika Malhotra, Pranav Singh Aggarwal, Raghavi Aggarwal, Saeed Abhdullah, Vansha Sethi and Veeral Dewan
Escort teacher: Mrs. Pooja Kapoor

St. George’s Girls School, Malaysia

The student exchange programme to St. George’s Girls School, Malaysia, from May 23rd to May 31st 2011, was a fusion of laughing and learning. The students - Aahan Malik, Anoushka Gupta, Akshita Singal, Avantika Sood, Gauri Chandra, Renee Chopra, Shivankar Bahl and Suhavini Singh - were accompanied by Mrs. Anuradha Bahl and Mrs. Poonam Rajput. A summit was held at the RESCAM Centre, where the students attended seminars and workshops, to discuss topics ranging from career plans to global issues. Shopping and mingling with the local students all added to the experiences of the Modern School students.


Country: Malaysia
Partner school: St. George’s Girls School
Address: Macalister Road, 10450, Penang, Malaysia
Students: - Aahan Malik, Anoushka Gupta, Akshita Singal, Avantika Sood, Gauri Chandra, Renee Chopra, Shivankar Bahl and Suhavini Singh
Escort teacher: Mrs. Anuradha Bahl and Mrs. Poonam Rajput

Dominion High School, Virginia, USA

The Dominion High School, Virginia, USA welcomed Abhiroop Aggarwal, Aparajita Amar, Chhavi Mongia, Ishaan Sethi, Jyotsna Mahajan, Karan Vir Goenka, Lara Siddiqui, Niharika Kaul, Ratnanjali Khanduja, Rijul Rajesh, Saanchi Kapoor ,Tanisha Gujral and Vishwaraj Singh Rathore, and their teachers Mrs. Geeta Chaddha and Mrs. Vidhi Gulati from the 16th to the 28th of May 2011. These students lived with their host families and went to the school with the host students. They learnt their ways and about their culture, meeting people from all over the world, not only the US. The Modenites also shared knowledge about India with the other students.


Country: USA
Partner school: Dominion High School
Address: 21326, Augusta /drive, VA 20164
Students: Abhiroop Aggarwal, Aparajita Amar, Chhavi Mongia, Ishaan Sethi, Jyotsna Mahajan, Karan Vir Goenka, Lara Siddiqui, Niharika Kaul, Ratnanjali Khanduja, Rijul Rajesh, Saanchi Kapoor ,Tanisha Gujral and Vishwaraj Singh Rathore
Escort teachers: Mrs. Geeta Chaddha and Mrs. Vidhi Gulati

Peddie School, New Jersey, USA

Alan Larinawma, Ayushmaan Dutta, Chikirsha Mohanty, Pallavi Seth, Rishabh Gupta, Ritambhara Narang, Shubh Anand and Vedika Mohan, with their two teachers Mrs. Usha Nair and Mrs. Rita Gupta, visited the Peddie School, New Jersey, USA from the 16th to the 27th of May 2011. Sightseeing and shopping in New York City, Washington D. C and New Jersey; exchanging news and views with the students and teachers of Peddie School kept the Modernites busy and made an exciting trip. The highlight of this trip includes developing a Micro-finance project between the two schools.


Country: USA
Partner school: Peddie School
Address: 201, South Main Street, Hightstown, New Jersey
Students: Alan Larinawma, Ayushmaan Dutta, Chikirsha Mohanty, Pallavi Seth, Rishabh Gupta, Ritambhara Narang, Shubh Anand and Vedika Mohan
Escort teachers: Mrs. Usha Nair and Mrs. Rita Gupta

The Malay College Youth Development Summit 2011

Jai Sahni, Shivish Soni and Udita Bansal, accompanied by their teacher Mrs. Manpreet Kaur, went to The Malay College Youth Development Summit 2011, from the 19th to the 27th of June 2011. The students who went for this Summit gained a lot more towards leadership and development of the youth. During the Summit, they had various sessions, interactions, cultural exhibition as well as sight-seeing.


Country: Malaysia
Partner school: Malay College Kuala Kangsar
Address: 33000 Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia
Students: Jai Sahni, Shivish Soni and Udita Bansal
Escort teacher: Mrs. Manpreet Kaur

NASA 2011

A group of 60 students from classes 7th to 12th of Modern School, Barakhamba Road, left for the United States on the 14th of May 2011. Accompanied by six teachers, the group flooded the IGI airport, their red t-shirts reflecting their excitement. This was a trip to NASA after all. They entered the NASA premises on the 16th of May and were spellbound by the rocket models and spaceships all around. The Space School Programme was a week long, with activities centred on the Mission to Mars theme. The students designed and competed with Robotic Rovers, experimented with Reflectance Spectrometers, engineered Lofting devices, constructed and tested Martian Landers that carry the Robotic Rovers.


Country: USA
Place of visit: NASA
Students: 60 students
Escort teacher: 6 teachers

Liscio Foscarini School, Venice, Italy

Akash Kapoor, Dhruv Chand Aggarwal, Richa Mohan and Shivani Gupta enthusiastically set out for the 7th International Science Conference to Venice, Italy from 21st March to 29th March 2011. With Principal Mrs. Lata Vaidyanathan and Mrs. Nalini Idnani by their side, the students gained a lot of experience; scientific culture to be specific. The students presented their presentation on Green Chemistry and its relevance in today’s role. The team also visited certain sights, Vatican and the magnificent Rome.


Country: Italy
Partner school: Liceo Foscarini in Venice
Address: Cannaregio 4941, 30131 Venezia
Students: Akash Kapoor, Dhruv Chand Aggarwal, Richa Mohan and Shivani Gupta
Escort teacher: Mrs. Lata Vaidyanthan and Mrs. Nalini Idnani

Malay College Youth Development Summitt

From the 21st to the 29th of June, three students from Modern School—Pallavi Seth, Tanisha Soni and Malavika Bhatia, accompanied by two teachers – Mrs. Sonia Kapoor and Mrs. Baisakhi Samajdar – participated in the Malay College Youth Development Summit ’09. The summit was held in the Malay College, a boarding school in the picturesque town of Kuala Kangsar in Perak State in Malaysia. The Summit aimed to bring the youth of the world together and sensitize them to each other’s cultures as well as to inculcate leadership qualities and a sense of social responsibility towards the community amongst the youth of today.

One of the interesting things about the Summit was the regular panel discussion with a unique twist. The home stay experience was one the students were very new to, and slightly intimidated by. The home stay programme in Bukit Gantang, Malaysia, is known world over for its hospitality and experience value. During the home stay Programme, the students did everything from playing traditional Malay games, visiting a mini-leech farm and watching a play put on by the local children from the centre for the rehabilitation of the disabled. The Cultural Day was the most fun-filled part of the summit. The vast array of bangles, Indian traditional henna and aloo bhujia caught the fancy of foreign students.

For six days, 121 students from eight countries worked in great harmony. At the end of it, it was clear that the summit was a great success and Modern School is privileged to have been given such an opportunity.

An Exhibition of Indian Artifacts by Modern School

Group Photograph of all International with
The Prime Minister and His Wife


Mrs. Kapoor with the President of Perak State

S. Kapoor and Mrs B. Samajdhar with Three Student representing Modern School Barakhamba Road

Delegation of Headmasters with Mrs. Rita Gupta

Delegation in the painting room

Twinning Program

The student exchange (twinning) programme between Chua Chu Kang Sec. School and Modern School has been taking place for the past three years. Every year around twenty students from Modern school go to Singapore during the summer and in turn 20 students from Singapore (Chua Chu Kang Sec. School) come to Delhi in the winter. This exchange between students not only helps the students understand each others culture and educational system better, improves the interaction skills and also enables us to make new friends. When we got selected for this year’s programne our excitement had no bounds and we started our preparations. We were supposed to showcase India in 20 minutes which was virtually impossible but we gave them a flavor of India’s vast and rich cultural heritage. We had a bhangra (folk) performance which was performed by all 20 of us, followed by mantra chanting, performance on vande matram our national song, an odissi dance (Classical) and a song on the piano. The performance was appreciated by everyone. We also made presentations on our educational system, Indian wedding system, Modern School and the current menace of terrorism. Similarly they performed to showcase their talent and their country.

People in South East Asia including Singaporean’s eat the dinner by 6:00-6:30 p.m. We also ate our dinner everyday around the same time. Since Singapore is two and a half hours ahead of us, , it would only be 4:00 p.m in India, because of which we ended up eating midnight snacks which our moms had forcefully and thankfully stuffed in our bags . Singapore famously known as a shopper’s paradise made us feel like shopaholics. Every time we entered a shop we would end up buying something or the other.

We attended a few of their classes and learnt how they study. We felt they had more of practical learning than theory which made assimilation easier. We attended classes like design n technology in which we learnt how to design blocks. We also made pen holders. In the Physics Lab we were taught about Motion. In the Mathematics class we did puzzles like Sudoku, in the cooking classes we made vegetarian chicken curry with roti jala, and in music we learnt music designing. We thoroughly enjoyed all classes specially the cooking classes. We felt even though the content was the same their system of classes was more interactive and very different.

We were taken around Singapore by a group of students. We visited the national library, the national museum, Sentosa Island, night safari and we did a lot of shopping. The whole trip was a great learning experience which increased our confidence and left us with sweet and indelible memories. We would like to take this opportunity to also thank Ms Neera Kapoor and Ms Madhu Aggarwal, for guiding us and taking care of us during the entire trip, from the inner core of our hearts. This experience has broadened our horizon and enlarged our vision of the world...

-Aparajita Amar

Farewell dinner

 At the camp


Formal dinner with the minister (man power development)

 Doing Modern proud

Raising generations of young adults with a global outlook and international spirit is the overarching principle of every sound educational system - be it through literature, science and technology, theatre and music, sports or fitness. Through the initiative of Internationalism, the curriculum both within school and beyond, is continuously striving towards building a generation of focused and responsible young adults, ready to coexist and work towards building a peaceful, harmonious and better tomorrow.

The International dimension is taken up by the school at all levels across curricula in all its dimensions. Through Student and Teacher Exchanges, Twinning Cluster Programmes, International Summits and Online Projects, students are given the opportunity to learn, explore, enhance and develop as independently acting and thinking global individuals, who have big dreams for their community, country and the world.

The International Policy of the school aims at impacting and involving the entire school community in International work and embedding the international dimension in the school curricula and ethos. Besides encouraging student leadership, it facilitates learning partnerships through literal and virtual interactions, establishes a link between youth and community responsibility and helps develop a commitment to human rights and values. Through discussion forums, cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary activities the school creates and provides an enabling and empowering atmosphere to build an informed community of people capable of addressing world issues of tomorrow. The motto Forever New Frontiers and Beyond Borders is in keeping with our belief that problems and solutions are not territorial.

Some of the International projects:-
The ISA is an accreditation scheme developed by the British Council that recognizes and celebrates the International Dimension in the school curriculum. The award is aimed at developing sustainable partnerships internationally, providing professional development opportunities for teachers and encouraging international understanding among students. Through 26 projects across classes and disciplines the students and teachers enthusiastically participated in the accreditation process. The award is a reflection of International work as a whole school commitment. Modern School is an ISA school since 2007.

The UKIERI was an international initiative announced by former PM of UK Mr. Tony Blair in September 2005.The project is aimed at bringing together clusters of schools in the UK and India for joint curriculum projects and professional development. School leadership and management and ICT in the classroom have been identified as priorities. Modern School is a member of a 6 school cluster which is sponsored by British Petroleum. Our UK cluster partners are 4 schools from Leicester. The theme of the 3 year project is Our Environment. In the 1st year the students worked on Rocks and Minerals. The projects included an in depth study of our rich resourc4es and visits to stone quarries; the ornamental and aesthetic use of rocks in the form of precious/semi precious stones and a study of different rock types. Year 2 of the project deals with carbon foot printing, alternative sources of energy and vermin composting. Students across classes are working on the projects.

Australia India Collaboration- BGS and Modern School
Brisbane Grammar School and Modern School have started a virtual collaboration with students of class 7. The initiative involves a joint exploration of common themes in Social Studies and English.

Twinning Program
A student delegation from Chua Chu Kang Secondary School, Singapore visited Modern School as a part of the 'Twinning' Program for two weeks.

A student delegation from Modern School visited the Chua Chu Kang Secondary School, Singapore as a part of the 'Twinning' program for two weeks.

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