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Illuminati Physics Club

The Illuminati Physics Club was founded as a means for students interested in the discipline to ask question, share ideas, thoughts and organize events pertinent to interest in the subject. This board base was established in the hopeful venture toward future club growth. Formal and informal talks, often c0-organized with the Physics Department, are essential to keeping the interest level in physics high on the campus. In the past, team-building actions (such as physics polo shirts and badges) also have helped add to recognition and unity among the few but proud physicists of Modern.

Physics itself can be a trying subject with many complexities and subtleties that often require a well-resourced student. It is the hope of the founder members, that The Physics Club of Modern School can develop to be such a resource.


The purpose of the Physics Club is to stimulate interest in Physics. The club's gaol will be to inform people of current issues within the science community, offer help to students studying the sciences, and to engage in activities promoting awareness and research.

The objectives of the society oh Physics students are to:

  • Encourage and assist students interested in physics to develop the knowledge, competence, enthusiasm, and social responsibility that are essential to the advancement of physics;
  • Stimulate interest in advance study and research in physics;
  • Develop collegiality among physics students and faculty members;
  • Promote public interest in physics.

The Physics Club is dedicated to creating an informal context for the exchange of any questions, answers, and/or theories that may lead to a better scientific understanding of the physical universe academic organizations.

The Physics Club plans to host dozens of enjoyable events. We can host movie nights where movies shown focus on physics, the universe, mathematics and comedy, including What the Bleep Do WE Know, Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy, A Beautiful Mind and many more. Our fundraising will be supported by reputed sponsors. We have with us some sponsors who are keen to fund our events. For the past years, the Physics Club has organized the Physics Department Open House, where students observed dramatic physics demonstrations and enjoyed fun activities focusing on physics. In the past few years members of the Physics Club volunteered over several hundred hours to help mentor local middle and high school with their science fair projects. Numerous events are planned for the coming year including Movie Nights. Invited Speakers, A Physics Department Open House, Game Competitions, Out-of-state Trips, Club Meetings and Community Out-reach projects.

In addition to hosting various speakers, members of the Physics Club will embark on numerous adventures throughout the year, including trips to IIT and the Museum of Science. We're always looking for new challenging activities and competitions.