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Nature Club

Nature club came into existence in the year 1994 to sensitize the students about environmental issues. Propounding the aim of “Thinking globally & acting locally”, students of Nature Club (known as Prakriti), continue to work with enthusiasm and dedication. Till date Nature Club has undertaken many projects like “Say No to Plastic Bags”, Conservation of water & Electricity, and Tree Plantation in various areas of the school. Students of our club put in great effort & take part in the annual Diwali Mela by putting up a stall where all natural products are used & even sold to those who wish to buy. This helps us raise funds for our club.

One of the major events of Nature Club is the “World Earth Day” celebrated on 22nd April. Nature Club organizes various competitions for students every year so that they become aware of the environmental crisis & are motivated to work towards the betterment of the environment.