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Spreading Awareness, Saving Tomorrow Modern's Commitment to the Environment

March started with a bang..... With countless summits and conferences. Modern had its hands full.

From the I4th to the 16th of March, a Climate Change Summit was organized at the India Habitat Centre. The speakers included well known names in the field of conservation such as Mr. Al Gore (Noble Laureate and former Vice President of the United States), Mr. Bittu Sehgal (noted conservationist and founder-editor of Sanctuary Magazine) and Mr. Pavan Sachdev (noted environmentalist).

"Nature is like the human body, if it gets hurt, the damaged cells repair themselves. However, if you pump poison into it, it will eventually give up. There are several examples such as the Snow Leopard and the Garden Langur, both of whom are dying due to climate change and loss of habitat. There is belief amongst the people today that belief that fighting the battle is enough and whatever happens in the end will happens eventually ; at least we weren't the ones pulling the Earth down. In the battle between nature and mankind, nature will win hands down. If we aren't in touch with the nature, we won't feel the loss." said Mr. Bittu Sehgal.

"The most imperative action at this point is to look after the simple things such as maintaining trees and switching of lights and fans. India's forest area has remained the same for the last 4 decades i.e. 23 %. The area with actual life supporting forests on it has gone down to 7%." said - Mr. Pavan Sachdev in his address.

On Thursday, 27th March five students of the Young India Club attended a CII conference. The Chairman, Delhi State Council gave an overview of its activities in the past one year and mentioned its forthcoming events.

The Yi Delhi Chapter has been very active in the past year focusing on the areas of primary education, primary healthcare, environment and employment, Giving prominence to youth affairs, Yi Delhi launched 5 net with premium academic institutions. Modern School Barakhamba Road is an enthusiastic member with a focus to engage students in nation building and community development.

The Tiger Mela was started to create awareness amongst students about the degrading situation of tigers in the country. 43 students of our school attended the Mela and were assigned the task of decorating their stall with biodegradable material. By the end of the task, the stall looked like a naturalist's dream. The Mela also had a creative side to it, with events such as face painting, clay modeling, animal sounds, cartooning and skits. Modern School bagged second place in the cartoon making and clay modeling events. All in all, the Mela was exhilarating, educative, and an experience to cherish for a long time to come.

April got on to a slightly slow start as children started trickling back to school after their final exams, However the exact opposite can be said about the activities of our school's Environment Club.

Come April, and our work began in full swing.

First up, was the Carpool Campaign, a valiant effort to create awareness amongst students about the advantages and moreover, the dire necessity of carpooling in today's polluted world. The importance of such a campaign can simply be explained by the fact that 'The Energy & Resources Institute (TER)' itself sponsored this movement. So we started contributing what little we could, by pasting

small stickers, supporting the campaign, to each and every car in the vicinity of the school. (So if you do happen to see a red car sticker on cars nearby, now you know what it was) For what it was worth, this campaign had a high risk factor too, for we often bore the brunt of the frustrations of those hapless drivers we stopped on the road.

On Thursday, 27th. March five students of the Young India club accompanied by three teachers attended a CII conference in Hotel Oberoi, New Delhi. Kartikeya Bharat Ram, Chairman Delhi State Council addressed the gathering which consisted of eminent members of the Confederation of Indian Industry and gave an overview of its activities in the past one year and mentioned its forthcoming events.

Delhi has improved its infrastructure with new roads, flyovers, bridges, healthcare facilities and has seen a steady growth in the past few years in key sectors like Real Estate, IT, Retail etc. The- Delhi State Council worked with the industry and the government on not just a high growth ambition but with the focus on inclusiveness and bridging divides. It also worked very closely with Delhi Jal Board on various issues pertaining to water management and its reuse in the capital city.

Series of learning sessions were organized for YI Club members for membership skill enhancement, out of which "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Franklin.

Covey Institution and "High Performance Entrepreneur" by Mr. Subrato Bagachi witnessed an overwhelming response.

Later, a Panel Discussion on "Delhi -Smart City: 2020" was held with Mr. Deep Kapuria, Chairman CII (Northern Region) giving the inaugural address. The moderator for the discussion was Mr. T.K. Arun, Editor Delhi, The Economic Times. Mr. Arun Kumar Associate Director KPMG Advisory Services presented a slideshow on the different areas which need development such as water management, tourism, skill, population control etc, Rina Ray Secretary (education) Govt. of NCT of Delhi rightfully mentioned that vocational training and skill development should be introduced at the school level to generate employment. Mr. R. Subramaniam, Engineer-in-chief PWD emphasized the need for maximum use of public transport to reduce traffic congestion and bring down the pollution levels in the city. Mr. Shivinder Singh, Vice Chairman Delhi State Council delivered the vote of thanks.

Dhruv Datta, Kunal Jain, Nalin Verma, Kanika Jain, Shantanu Aditya Sharma - S6-F.